Meet Carolina Moser health coach

Do you remember...

Looking at yourself and feeling shame, guilt, anxiety, and embarrassment?
Thinking in confusion about how to BE healthy and confident?

Each day repeating the same toxic cycles of negative talk and self-sabotaging habits. 
Dieting, drinking detox teas, starving yourself, all to result in binge eating and body shame.
Waking up already feeling exhausted and dreading having to find an outfit that fits.

All the while, you know this trap is slowly destroying you. 

If this resonates with you, then we are already friends. 


Because that was me. 

Carolina Moser Living by design

Those feelings, actions, thoughts consumed my life. I allowed it. 

Thankfully God redeemed me.

That was not the ending to my story. 
It doesn’t have to be the end of YOURS. 

My purpose is to help YOU eliminate those feelings of shame, guilt, and anxiety in connection to food and your body.  I want you to feel energized and connect to your potential. I want to help design in you the most captivating, beautiful, and courageous version of yourself. My intention is to help women like my old self, become unshackled from their own limiting beliefs and have them realize that...

you are worthy of so much
being healthy is possible
feeling strong and beautiful is freeing

What you don’t need is another quick fix yo-yo diet or endless hours on a treadmill

Maybe you are searching for a friend, mentor, a coach, someone to come along side you. To guide you in this crazy world of fad diets and workout plans. A person who’s been in that dark and lonely point and come out of it!!

Then you are in the PERFECT place.

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About me

 I'm Carolina Barton, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and NASM- certified personal trainer based in the Bay Area. I hope to show you that living a healthy and fit lifestyle can be simple and empowering. 

But, to be 100% transparent this was not always by life.

My health journey has had its extreme lows and exhilarating highs and every part has had its purpose in shaping my identity.

This website, it is a result of my story- from bulimia to over exercising, to emotional eating and to competing in a Bodybuilding show.  I’ve tried finding my worth in each of these external or internal activities. My life may have “looked” good, yet inside I was overwhelmed, empty, alone, unhappy and an emotional rollercoaster.

I never felt fully fulfilled. 

This is when it hit me, I couldn’t solely focus on ONE aspect of my health. I needed to take a step back and examine all the areas of my life. My life was out of whack because I wasn’t focused on creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Through taking the time to care of my mind, body and spirit I have finally gotten to the place where…

  • I confidently love and honor the body God has designed for me

  • I am shame free and know my worth

  • I take the time to care for my spiritual healthI have created a strong and empowering mindset

  • I have a clear connection to my purpose

  • I workout because I love my body and find joy in challenging myself

  • I eat nutritiously because I value my health and how I feel

You may be embarrassed and ashamed of your story.  But, guess what? That’s okay! Every situation has happened for a reason. How you move forward is what matters, this is the game changer. Need help taking action? Then I’m your girl.  Lets chat and see how I can help you unleash your beautiful potential.  


   Carolina Barton